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Hard Drive Not recognized


Bob S

A recent problem at bootup is that the bios does not recognize my "C" drive sometimes. I simply reboot (Control/Alt/Delete) and everything is fine. Very strange that in the last couple of days, sometimes I do not have a primary master.

I run 4 hard drives and the bios sees the other 3. The rest of my system is SCSI, by the way. It should not be a power problem, as my power supply is 420W. is it possible the hard drive is going bad? It is 30 gig, the "D" drive is 30 gig and the other two are 15 gig each


Bob S.

Bob S

My thought exactly, but I favor the drive electronics failing, since drive "D" is on the same ide. Any way to test the drive to see if it is going or just use it until it goes! I can do that because my drives are always backed-up. (Actually, I would not mind the drive going. I would buy a 60-80 gig and partition it and use the spare ide for a dvd writer.)


I just had to replace my hard drive for almost the same problem.When booting my computer it would stop and give me a message to hit f1 to continue. then there would be times I would get a beep then a message the system couldn't boot system halted; it would take a couple of reboots to get the computer running. I never had any problems once I got windows running. Finally it got almost impossible to boot. I started trouble shooting by taking the hard drive out and replacing it with the hard drive I used to ghost too. To my surprise the computer booted up with no problems and has been running great ever since. What I don't understand is why it only acted up at boot time but never when windows was running.

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