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Hard drive help....please help




My friend need some help and advice.

He has two hard drives in his computer. one is 30gb and the other 20gb.

It boots of the 30gb which has Windows 98 and Windows 2000 on.

The other hard drive has Windows 2000 on.

His computer will not boot up now, sometimes it loads up to as far as desktop and then crashes. Today he could not even get that far.

Does any one know what he can do, he does not want to lose data from hardrive, it has over 40gb of 'MP3's on.

When it does'nt boot, he has to turn the computer off from the wall because holding the power button doesn't turn it off.

Can any one please help, or have any ideas what to do. Please can some one talk me through what to do.

Merry Christmas All

Richard. :(


hardware monkey
which os is he trying to boot to when it crashes?

make sure the heatsink on the cpu is secure and the fan still works. sounds like it could be an overheat issue.


He has an option of Windows 98, Windows 2000 and windows 2000. It will not boot up on any, when he tries booting up on Windows 2000, he recieves an error message, something about settings.



If you can tell us something about what the error message says we might be able to help you, until then, I've got no idea whats happening. :huh:


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Have you tried to boot in "Safe Mode"???

If he thinks he'll loose his mp3s, he could take the drives out. Set them as slaves and put them in another Machine and copy everything over onto that Machine's HDD or back it up onto some other media.
Take the drives out, put them in as slave in another machine that works, access the drives through windows, and copy/burn mp3s onto CDs, or whatever suits you.

That is what I would do.
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