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Happy New Year


F@H - Is it in you?
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happy new year y'all !!!

from everyone @ osnn to all our members and visitors and the little gnome's in our circuitery and the little aliens that zip round in our airspace...

seasons greetings... happy new year and hope all your new year's resolutions come to pass fruitfully and positively...

now go forth and enjoy teh bubbleh...



Prodigal Son
A wonderful New Year to you all. If you are out "celebrating" tonight be sure you have a ride (designated driver) or take a cab, bus, whatever. Be careful, we want to see you all here next year.
Happy New Year everyone! All the best out to you guys, old mates and people that are unfamiliar with me and I with them. I hope that 2005 brings happiness, peace, and health to you and your familys...three things we will always need :)

Extra dough and spare 64 bit CPUS laying around here and there are always real fine, though :yowch:

!srevognah ruoy yojnE

P: siht otni draobyek ym desufnoc nodnoL ni krowerif tsal taht tub txet sdrawkcab eht tuoba yrroS

!!!raeY weN yppaH

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