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Happy Birthday perris

Perris Calderon

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thanx everyone for the b-day...I posted before about my head injur...I'm only typing once or twice a day....no big deal, a ladder fell on my head, ouch...minor this and that.

the doctor says I'll be able to play the saxophone in about a week or two

this is good news, cause I've always wanted to be able to play the sax.

anyway, everybody meet at the local club, drinks all you like, cuz they're on me,

but since I'm laid up, in bed, and snowed in to boot, I can't be there...just send me the bill...the check will be in the mail soon there after

thanx again everybody
Eek nothing like stitches in your head for your birthday. :( I hope you have a good one anyways man .. and hope you feel 100% ASAP.

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