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Happy Birthday MainFrameGuy, VLT

Electronic Punk

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It was a test.

I do remember wondering how I had started a topic in the right place without scrolling far enough down to see the lounge... lol


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
Well here I am - sober as a judge..... (yeah I know it is the 13th! But I have witnesses that can confirm I actually haven't touched a drop since the middle of November.... there are friends who have trouble believing this, esp. on my birthday, but it happens to be true....)

In fact you'd have known - I tended to roll into the OSNN IRC room after a few :p

Anyway, since I have this thread I shall post again a pic that shows my fave present, alth0ough not being used to full effect, it is the one showing the clock :p :cool:

Thanks guys - and happy Birthday VLT - hope the hangover's not too bad since EP knew for a fact you were getting hammered!



Debiant by way of Ubuntu
NP EggHead - and might I complement you on the variety and quality of your sigs at this time of year - I guess it comes with the territory from TechZonez or something?


Double O Egghead
hey thanks!

I do the sigs for fun and to learn.

Halloween and Christmas are the best times to get creative idea's and the Easter bunny can be fun to.

techzonez is very quiet on the sig changing but we do have a few that meet the season.

I play guitar and fix computers and never was good at making things so this is why I do this.


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