Happy Birthday LordofLA


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I feel the need to paste this from IRC:-

[19:44] * ChanServ sets mode: +v Henyman
[20:11] * MFGwifi wonders if anyone is going to start a Happy Bday Lord thread?
[20:11] * Henyman notices he doesn't show up as a b'day
[20:27] * Quits: Henyman (Quit: HydraIRC -> http://www.hydrairc.com <- Try something fresh)
[21:16] * Joins: mainframeguy_
[21:16] <mainframeguy_> *sigh* the gang of three are all here
[21:19] <_XbAsEd_> :p
[21:34] * Joins: aardvarq
[23:01] * MFGwifi wonders if anyone is going to start a Happy Bday Lord thread?
[23:15] <_XbAsEd_> tis Lords bday?
[23:16] <_XbAsEd_> tell him happy bday for me
I'll stop wondering now :p

Oh yeah and you guys hassle him to post pics of the presents I got him (because else I am gonna post them anyways - one of them was quite a find, esp. since all my shopping since Christmas has basically been in charity shops!)
its about 25 minutes till my bday :p and a further 4 hours till i was officially born :)

Edit: Anway's you and I should visit Chandos MFG :)

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madmatt said:
Too late, I ate them all already.
Now, that's a naughty, naughty lil boy. You know better then to eat the b'day cookies from the b'day boy :D

Just joking :laugh:

Anyhow, 2 b'days in 1 day now :D Happy b'day...

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