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Half-life2 + Counter-strike Video Footage

Electronic Punk

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Here is a link to a torrent that has video footage of Counter-strike running on the Source engine.

I don't know if this is to be dubbed as Counter-strike 2 or Counter-strike Classic, rumours suggest that it does make full use of the source engine tho.

Alas I am blessed with dial-up so am still getting this myself, so you will have to check yourselves!! The file weighs in at just over 34 megabytes.

Electronic Punk

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The short demo of CS Source begins with a nice view of an updated Aztec. Below us we see a fantastic looking muddy swamp surrounded by updated geometry. As we move in for some action, we see a group of CTs defending the bridge area. Terrorists in the water rush over and a battle erupts between the two teams. Yes, all of this can be done in the version of CS we play right now. And that's why it's all so amazing.

Just imagine Counter-Strike with the 2004 graphics and physics it deserves. That's what the CS Source video will show you guys later tonight. I wish I could show all you guys the video right now. When I saw it, I was astounded. Some the graphical effects--like when bullets hit water--are downright cinematic. Death animations are a thing of the past, with full rag-doll physics in effect. All the models are brand spanking new and are definitely up to snuff.

A few months ago I had seen a very early version of the port. Erik Johnson had then told me that--at the time--the port would be bare-bones. A minor upgrade just to give the game some better lighting. Talking with Jess Cliffe, that direction has totally changed. Valve is committed to upgrading Counter-Strike with 21st century technology.
Hurry up stupid download :D:D:D


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any chance you guys could post it up on some webspace? My school restricts torrent downloads heavily. If not then I GUESS I could wait for fileshack :(
HOLY SH*T! This looks damn good! Especially check that section at the portharbour(?), where the player first fires missles (I am not saying what happens, it's more fun watching for yourself) and operating a crane.

Electronic Punk

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sheltem: I think there will be some non-shakycam footage released later on. Best of grabbing it then, I really can't with my connection !!


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I am in total awe at the hl2 footage and the cs footage well more the cs footage but it was all as amazing as I've ever seen...should look real nice when I order my X800 Pro!
excuse me for the bad quality:
(first photo) Check the incredible details in this face (read mouth). And when I hear the sound of his voice, in nearly sounds computergenerated, so I think this is some sort of advanced lipsync/text-reader.

(Second shot) Looks like you can also drive vehicles, this is a buggy of somesort. You can even operate a crane and use the magnetic thingy hanging on the rope to lift up ship-containers and throw it on enemies.

(Third shot) Look in the middle of the picture, do you see the little dot flying through the air? That's an enemy, which was just launched by the explosion of a rocket!

Other noticeable things:
Everything is so incredibly detailed! When you break wood with a crowbar, it breaks very realistic, it doesn't seem scripted.
Of a body falls just over a cliff, normally the body would hang stiff horizontally, half on the edge, half in the air. In this demo, the body actually bend over and fall off, just like a real body would do (don't try this at home :D)


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