Half-Life: GotY edition spare key?


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Anyone here have a spare key for the original Half-Life? i already own the game, but i had also already registered it's cd-key with steam on another account that i don't remember the info for, and don't wanna buy another copy of a game that i already have. Stupid steam. :lick:

American Zombie

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Those old keys are all it takes to make an account on Steam so why would someone want to give one up.:rolleyes:

If it is a legit account you can not remember the info for then just go through Steam support portals and they will get you all fixed up. :up:


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American Zombie.... already tried that. the only way i can really get the old account removed with my cd key on it is by sending them the cover from the game and everything and also paying a shipping and hadling fee, which at that point one could probably buy the game again.

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Although, I can't be sure of the original, eBay does have lots of keys for sale.
Personally I have had about five copies of HL (including ones with several keys opfor, etc.) and have given loads out.


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he's not asking for an illegal key...he's just seeing if there is anyone that wants to give him their old one or one they have that might not be used. I know a few people that have a couple of keys, 'cause at certain points the keys were really really cheap
actualy i checked up on the price for a brand new copy of HL. Best Buy's website only shows the platinum collection for $29.99, and EB Games shows just Half-Life for 19.99.

EP, i wouldn't trust buying a cd-key from e-bay. would really suck to pay the money for it and find out the key was already used, wouldn't it?


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Cant you go into the "Lost account password" where you put in your old key and they send an email to the account? I did it one time and saved me having to buy the game again :p

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Well.... Try it ED... Look for a seller with a high rep, check out their feedback.
If they have lots of satisfied users, you should be good to go.
zeke mo, kinda hard to do that when i don't even know what e-mail account it was registered under, and said e-mail account is probably already dead and gone since i registered the key a while back when steam hasn't been out for that long.


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I in kind of the same boat. I still have my original CD, but nothing else, and I don't feel like shelling out $10, when I already shelled out the money for the original game.


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i'll probably be slapped for this but go to altavista.com and search there, you'll prbably get what you need there, whatever that may be, i don't know.


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This is probably the most pointless reply ever, but:

I wanted to give you mine, coz I dont use it anymore (RavenShield all the way) but guess what...

I can't find it...


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I'm gonna PM you my code. I bought the game when it first came out... played it for about 10 minutes. Didn't really like it much. I then bought another copy for $5 a couple years ago (my mother owns an auction and she had LOTS of them). Let me know if you have any problems with it. You shouldn't because I have never used it to go online.

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