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Half-Life 2 Error


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Not only does need for speed underground 2 not work,
neither does half-life2!!!!!
Sorry rant over, I get the following error when installing (attached) does this me my copy is duff???




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weird its intsalled now, but the error was occuring if I ONLY wanted to install Half-Life2 rather than it and counterstrike!


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have you tried another drive on your computer?
or maybe installing to a different hard drive


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That's been a common error. I recieved this from the store I ordered the game:

Vivendi Universal Games has announced two important updates regarding the product installation for Half-Life 2.

1. Half-Life 2 CD Installation error when Counter-strike: Source is not selected

The following has been identified as a known issue with Half-Life 2 Standard Edition (not Collector's or European DVD editions):

Problem: If during the initial installation process the option to install "Counter-Strike: Source" is NOT selected, an error may occur during installation. The message will be: cabinet file error, fatal disk error, or something similar.

Solution: Cancel the current installation process and reinstall the game from the beginning, starting with Disk #1. Make certain to select the option to install both Half-Life 2 and Counter-Strike: Source.

Note: If you prefer not to retain the Counter-Strike: Source program on your system AFTER INSTALLATION, you can
remove it using the following procedure:
* After Half-Life 2 has been successfully installed, open up the Steam client.
* Select the Play Games list
* RIGHT click on Counter-Strike: Source and select Properties
* Select "Delete Local Content."

2. Product Authentication Delay When Installing Half-Life 2

Some consumers may experience delays in authenticating Half-Life 2 during the installation process. This is due to the high volume of consumers who have purchased Half-Life 2 and are installing the game, which is causing high traffic on the Steam authentication servers. Please keep trying, as this is a temporary delay.

Hope this helps.

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