Guitar Hero Vs Rock Band

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Hi all,

I sold my copy of guitar hero 3 last week as after playing rock band I wanted a full band setup as I found it a lot more fun to play as a group. My problem is I do not know if I should go for rock band or guitar hero: world tour.
Now I do not know when the rock band 2 instruments are out in the UK but the guitar hero pack is out next week. From the reviews I have read they said (as long as they are not faulty out of the box) the guitar hero instruments are much better but the "band feel" in rock band is supposedly better.

Has anybody played both and could offer advice? Addtionally has anybody tryed playing rock band (1 or 2) with the guitar hero instuments?

Thank you


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I personally think Rock Band is a better game in almost all regards. The guitar's frets on the Rock band instrument feels much more natural. The buttons are right next to each other, just like a real guitar. The Guitar hero controller there are large gaps between each button (fret) which is very odd and makes it harder to play, Especially if you have experience playing a real guitar.

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hmmm ok I think the main problem is rock band 2s instrument pack is still an unknown release date especially over here :(

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Right been reading a lot a reviews regarding this now and the general opinion seems to be that rock band is the better software (just) but the guitar hero hardware is much better, BUT only if its not faulty. There seems to be sensativity issues with the drum kit :(


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There is a little app you can download for your PC to change the sensativity of the drums over USB. Its on the GH:WT website
Rock Band 2 is the better buy. Cheaper and way better reviews than Guitar Hero WT. I have played both games and I prefer the guitar of RB2, but the drums of GHWT. Gamewise, RB all the way. So much more fun than the first. Peace.


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Instruments: Guitar Hero: World Tour
Tracks: Rock Band 2

Instruments are compatible with each other, so yeah.

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