Guide: Howto make your own XP-Themes!

Discussion in 'Desktop Customisation' started by AndyP, Dec 11, 2001.

  1. AndyP

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    Sick of using other peoples themes ?
    Thought so!
    So I have made a tutorial for you, where you learn all the basics you need to make great themes for XP.
    Look at the guide here:
    Theme tutorial
    UPDATE, New link:

    I've also made a theme that is the final result of this tutorial
    Download the theme here:
    Tutorial Theme

    If you have any comments please post theme here. Also I would appreciate if you tell me what you think about the tutorial/theme!

    Good luck to all of you!

  2. zman

    zman Guest

    nice tutorial ... thanks

    Im going to make one tonight and submit it, if its good enough

    Can you attach a screenshot here of your theme please

  3. AndyP

    AndyP OSNN Senior Addict

    Thank you!

    The screenshot is the last screen in the tutorial mate....But I'll put one up here too if you like.
  4. Xcjb87X

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    thanks much for the tutorial :D
  5. slb33

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    Thanks for sharing the info! ;)
  6. O_o

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    I've printed your tutorial. I'm kinda busy cleaning and organizing my computer since I reformatted. I think you have come up with a nice and simple tutorial. Well-documented and very informative. Thanks for your time and work. I'll post some themes once I get started.
  7. grava33

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    Thanks for the tutorial :)

    FALCON Guest

    ?? for anyone,
    How do you create and install a new boot up graphic in windows 9X or XP, ya know that annoying lil screen some call a "SPLASH' or BOOT UP screen.

    I have asked at least 10 people and got 10 entirely different answers that non of which work..

    Any Ideas??!

  9. hoggie2

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    Great post

    Great post thanks for the info. I am gonna try this now.:)
  10. FunkyBunnies

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    Great tutorial! I'll be posting my theme (in progress) soon.

    Anyone have any good wallpaper/images of beautiful women? Clothed, not clothed, painted, nude, wet, in dresses, bikinis, pants, and more...let me know. PM me.
  11. Geffy

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    United Kingdom

    Do you mean the Windows ME thing that comes up at the bootup, then yes you can change it.
    Use yahoo and look for SUSD, it is a freeware (I think I didnt use it long) program for changing the Start Up Shut Down screens. It allows you to use either BMP or JPG files as the screen.

    XP I dont know of any way you can do this, unless SUSD now has an XP version.
  12. J0sh

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    Hey andy, great tutorial, I'm gonna try and make a theme soon!

    One question, I don't use styleXP, I used the uxtheme hack, and when I run the stylebuilder install, it tells me that I need styleXP. Do I really need it, or is this just a shameless plug?
  13. Cosmin

    Cosmin Graphic Designer

    Re: Thank you!

    waiting . . .
  14. lbwarped

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    did anyone save the tutorial? It cannot be accessed anymore because of the recent site problems, and I want to make a theme for myself! :)
  15. AndyP

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  16. BlazinX

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    Sweet tutorial :)
  17. Rhaz

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    The tutorial is great, and maybe I missed this part, but how do you change the "start" text and windows flag on the start button (as shown on the last picture?)
  18. charlotte

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    Where can I download the latest version of stylebuilder?
  19. Electronic Punk

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    Copenhagen, Denmark
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