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GTX260 216core power requirements

Any one know the power required by the following card? Got one coming and I'm not finding any concrete figures.

Mfg. Product Number XFX/FX-260V-ADEF
Product Desc. 896MB XFX GTX 260 621MHZ+FARC2

From guesses based on rough figures my Tagan TG530-U15 is right on the edge of the cards requirements (MAx output is 33A in combimbed +12v mode, card supposedly requires 34A at stock) and I'm about to apply the "if in doubt get a bigger psu" rule.

With both CPU and VGA card OC'd paired with 4 SATA2 drives it seems that bigger PSU is probably the sensible move anyway though. If I can get away with not doing that though it'd be ideal :D

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very nice, might have to look into one

edit: 120 notes - bit f'ing steep, but i suppose if i want to use the spare 8600 in the htpc i will need to move on up from the 450w thats in there
GFX card arrived, installed, working and stupid fast :D

Still need that other PSU, current one is working uncomforably close to maximum load.


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Nice update there :) The corsair PSU are meant to be really good (i belive they are a rebranded other make, (seasonic maybe)). Nearly got one for my HTPC went with a Tagan in the end as i knew they were damn quiet and it was modular.

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