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gta3 help...


original delboy

Hi peeps got myself a copy of this wiked game! my problem was that when i installed the game and tried to play it...it was like
you are playing in the middle of the worst fog black out :mad:

I then followed this guide which i found that had been posted,

right click on Desktop
Left Click on Properties
Select Settings Tab
Select Advanced Properties
Select GeForce Tab
Select Additional Properties
Select Direct3D Setting Tab
Tick "Enable Fog Table Emulation"
Select Apply
OK then exit

OK have done this and this was solved..i could clearly see things now! but when i was controlling the person right at the begining where you got get in the car...it was like if i was moving in slow motion....what else could i do...any suggestions woould be much appreciated!

original delboy

Hi m8 thx for the reply yeh i d/l a patch from i think microsofts site...and have installed it still same probs

the patch was Q306676_WXP_SP1_x86_ENU.exe......thats the one you are talking about isn't it:rolleyes:

original delboy

Hi peeps alot of veiws but not many replies huh:confused: i have tried gta3 again but i changed the options in the display...

frame sync>>off
frame limiter>>off

After chagning the options i tried to play...it was like i was watching a slow motion movie...everything would run so slow..if i try and run or walk it would be sooo sloooow..:eek:

any ideas..plz help:(

original delboy

Hi i have tried it at many rez..800/600,1024/768,1280/1024.....as well:eek: but still same problems.

My laptop plays everything max payne,mittown maddness,fifa 2002..etc ...so i dont think it could be the graphics card:rolleyes: alot of ppl have had,or are having probs regarding the slowless in the game etc...:eek:

im just a little peed off:mad:

plz help!!!:confused:



I've got a Geforce 2 MX 32MB

I shut off this options:

Frame sync
Frame limiter
Wide screen

And have no problems at all
Running Windows XP on PIII/256 100Mhz
Frame rate 640x480x16

original delboy

Hi again i have ried shutting all the options but it still runs slugish:mad:.
When driving in the car (new game) the car seems to jerk although it runs slow as well.

any other ideas i can try..:rolleyes:


I got a prob!!
Game works great, I play for 1hr or so, save, but when I try to load up, nothing, just crashes, I've used the Microsoft patch thingy.

Any help?


High On Life!
Well i got 2 problems

I got two problems, the two apply to my computer and only one applies to my laptop! the first is that on my pc i have a voodoo5 card and i thought that it wouldnt work that great like it did, but i saw someone post o gta3forums.com that his worked fine! adn the other problem that i get on both my pc and laptop is the unhandled exception error, but its not the same one that take2games has on the support website the address is different!

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