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gta3 cars installer?


High On Life!
installing the gta3 cars gets sooo hard on some of the cars i havent dont any succesfully because i tried many at one time. but is there a program what will automatically do it with one click? if not can someone make one that is heavy in programing? an idea is one that has a list of cars inside of it and u click on the one u wanna replace and it asks where the one u wanna replace it with and it automatically opens img tool and does that and then opens, and then has a text box to paste any modifacations (which the program find the string with the original data) and changes the handiling and carcols. if u think u can do it then im sure ull go down in the history of gta3 scene. i was just thinking of this cuz i know i cant make it in 100 years but there are others out there that can but just to give u programmers an idea of how to replace the file just too hard:D


High On Life!
yeah those are even easier but my idea would also be cool. lets see if any C++er out there can handle our chalenge hehe cuz ive seen lots more cars that dont have installers, btw i did see some installer ones before just didnt find that many as its own catagory


High On Life!
thanks for the link

thanks for the link LOTS OF NICE CARS AND STEALTH AIRPLANE MMMMMMM IM GANNNA DOWNLOAD LIKE CRAZY I HOPE THEY HAVE THE MERC's And BMW's hehe i ahve a question if i have many cars that are installer and they replace the same car, if i wanna use one can i just install it, and then when i want to change it replace it with anthoer installation of a car?


thats the problem with installers, the guy who made the car tells it which car to change and u cant change that unless you install and then export the files and import them instead of a diff car.

another thing is that you can download the program that makes the installers and make installs yrself with the files you have for each car.

check these forums : http://www.gtaforums.com/ib/ikonboard.cgi?act=SF;f=53

look for the new diablo - really cool

btw, where exactly r u having trouble installing cars?? pm me and ill help u out.

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