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Hi again y'all...
'specially you, Dealer, cause I've an interesting password thing goin on....But first, I read in your 'favorite fujism' about how to get XP to logon under Admin w/out a password & checked out my setting there...unchecked...
Well, here's my story: Everything that has to do with a logon pass is DIS-abled, including TweakUI, (don't even have one in the original password box) yet I'd say every 30 days or so, when I start the puter, right after the black screen w/the arrow & right before the 'Starting Windows' screen, the puter gives a beep & a msg box zips by (by zips I mean it's not onscreen long enough to really read it let alone click ok!) but anyway, this thing flies by, but I know from experience that it's tellin me that my logon password will expire in a week or so...I DO NOT USE ONE, fer Pete's sake!!...
Mmm, last time this happened it finally got to the point where it stayed onscreen & I could go ahead thru the maneuvers to once again NOT fill in a password.....As if this isn't aggravating enough, during the whole time this password box is doin it's thing, Windows takes forever to load; like it sits at 'Starting Windows' (I never even see that screen when not dealing with the pass thingy) for prolly about 3-4 mins, then goes ahead and fully loads....Hmm, I'd say the whole boot process is about 5-6 mins during these li'l episodes, but my normal boot time is about a minute or so......
Anyone else out there experience this sort of thing?.....And I'd sure as he!! appreciate any ideas 'bout how to end this circus...*G*
Thanky!!..... C.



Thanks for the reply, Iceman, but yup, been there/done that already.....no difference......Something else I discovered tho, is in the ctrl panel/security policy area I found the password was set for a maximum of 42 days - which makes sense when this rig-a-marole starts...Soooo, I just changed it to 0 and will now see what happens next time I boot....*G*

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