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Graphics card, HD and a tax return


Questions R me

Sometime during may I will get some money back from last years tax(I paied too much apparently, but I also play almost 60% dammit!!).. Anyway..

I'm tired of my current system, or some of it, and needs an upgrade. I'm planning to spend about 550$(the entire tax, minus one dinner for the gf) on 2 upgrades - 1 new HD and one new Graphics card..

This is my current system:
WinXP Pro
AMD Athlon 1200 Mhz
512 MB RAM
Soltek SL-75 DRV Motherboard
Asus GeForce2 MX 32 MB AGP v7100
SB Live
HD's are so old I can't remember the brand or model number..

Now I'm very much in doubt about the graphics accelerator - it's not a secret that I'm a gamer and I review games on a weekly basis so it's important that I get a card that will be able to run the new games for at least the next 6-12 months..

The HD I want to buy will be IBM DeskStar 120GXP 80GB and that lies around 160$ so that leaves me with 390 $ to buy a graphics accelerator - so my question is, what would you buy if you had my specs?? :)


well since you've got a geforce 2 right now, may i suggest going for the geforce 4 ti-4200? best bang for your buy. around $200 U.S. roughly.

for the hard drive, dont go IBM. they've had way too many problems with their GXP lines. i'd suggest seagate or western digital. personally, i bought a seagate barracuda iv 80gb drive a month ago for $90 and its f$ckin awesome. extremely quiet too. makes you wonder if the thing is running at all.

with that said and done, you should have around $250 more or less to spend on your GF.


Questions R me
Hmm.. I can't find any GeForce4 TI, I didn't know it was released already.. And my card is MX - MX is evil!! There is no way I'm ever buying a MX card again..

I've checked the danish version of pricewach and I can't find any GeForce 4 TI :(
Go for either a Radeon 8500 128Mb or a GeForce4 Ti 4400.

The Ti4400 can be OC'ed to the same specs as the 4600 without any extra heat to speak of.



Seagate 7200 RPM HDD
Visiontek/MSI Ge-Force 4 Ti-4400 and OC it to 4600 levels...or not, either way it will be an awesome card.

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