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Graphic help

I hope this the right place to post this...

I'm building a webpage but I can't make good graphics so I was hoping someone can help me out.. I can't pay ya cause I'm poor and I'm sorry about that...

just email me if ya can help me out and I'll email you back to let you know what I"m looking for...




Graphic Designer
I'm sure major part of interested will not receive any payment but you must detail your wishes' here cause the e-mail will surelly cut most part of interested persons .. :rolleyes:
Ok this is what I am looking for...

a graphic thats 150x100, white background, it has to say NeoTeks or NeoTeks.com in blue... not to dark but not light blue just somewhere in the middle... if you can, make a small logo kinda in the background where NeoTeks is overlapping it, if you know what I mean...

Also NeoTeks should be placed kinda to the bottom of the graphic

Here is a pic of something like I want just alittle bit better..


OSNN Veteran Original
Isnt it your thing, shouldnt you already have a logo for it! We dont know nothing about it or anything so how are we soppose to make a logo.
its just a website for a little co. that me and 2 other friends are trying to start up... I'm just lookin for a more pro. graphic..

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