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Google is run by pigeons


Beware the G-Man
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No no no... Google Peons. The pigeons are a fowl mascot. It's a sales thing, every time ya do a 100 googles ya get the bird. :D


F@H - Is it in you?
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NetRyder said:
Hehe first time you guys seeing this? It's been around for a long, long time.
Gotta love Google.
yah... :D

I was gonna say the same damn thing... this is like last years news :D

/me thinks someone hasn't been googling enough... :eek:


Dabba Dooba
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gonaads said:
No no no... Google Peons. The pigeons are a fowl mascot. It's a sales thing, every time ya do a 100 googles ya get the bird. :D
How u figure? I never got one yet...and i have done a couple every 100 posts
GOOGLE pronounced “Go-Gol-Le” is taken from the old English cricket expression “googly” meaning “a ball that looks like a leg break on delivery and then moves unexpectedly in the opposite direction after it pitches”. This also accounts for the different versions which started at 00.005, being incremented on a daily basis so as to attract more users as they always seem to provide another version so as to argue that there’s is the most up-to-date software, and hence the best, when in fact they are still trying to work out what was wrong with version 01.00 (beta), or am I thinking about AOL, who cares.

The entire planet’s computers are populated by “googly’s” free search engine which appears to “drop out or into” every computer from Newfoundland to China. They are of course now going public and selling their shares in an in-house auction. One has to ask what are you buying here as in recent years their spiders and crawlers do not return the original content but an edited list with all the “dubious” sites now removed. They are becoming and advertising billboard for the purpose of revenue collection and nothing else. There demise is now almost certain in my opinion. Let’s all join the e-bay search engine!

:) :) :eek:

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