Google incorrectly categorises every site on the web as malicious!

Perris Calderon

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24 Jan 2002
I thought I had a virus or a hosts highjack but it was on all my computers this morning;

google hacked

I should have taken a screeny myself but I got that on every google search for about 10 minutes
Re: google was hacked this morning!

Yeah, I saw this found it amusing ;p
Re: google was hacked this morning!

No, not hacked... just a bug. ;)
Re: google was hacked this morning!

if your gonna mess up do it big ;)
Re: google was hacked this morning!

if your gonna mess up do it big ;)
I know. It would be better to add your links under each result so you could get all that traffic. And then face a big lawsuit afterwards. :D
Re: google was hacked this morning!

Who would have thought, Google has humans working too!
Re: google was hacked this morning!

Google hacked? Just goes to show how rumours start :laugh:
Re: google was hacked this morning!

That is good ..... lol
Moved thread to appropriate section. Re-named thread to something less sensational to not cause fear
I totally missed it all this morning. :( In the end it was "much to do about nothing" though.
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Whoaaaa...... I just joined OSNN to post about Windows Live Onecare and stumbled onto this thread about Google. Onecare had been doing the same thing to me and the only way I was able to join here or even access this forum was to uninstall Onecare. I'll start a thread dedicated to this Onecare thing but it's interesting to see that, apparently, Google human error did somewhat the same thing as Onecare.

Oh, BTW, since I kicked Onecare to the curb everything about my internet experience has straightened out..... uh oh... I spoke too soon, I see I can't post this without quoting the previous post. Gotta be Onecare again....

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