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Interesting how some people agree it's spam yet post in the thread ... then report it :rolleyes:

[edit] Those that reported the thread, your post has been deleted as it's spam [/edit]


Why is trying to share with my peers something I saw and I can't make a presumption everyone has seen it be classed as spam?

I use copernic as my search engines or yahoo usually, I expect everyone else has their own choice of search engine, just saw it on a link that is all.

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prodj88 said:
yeah i reported it. but aren't spam threads supposed to be closed down?
The "Green Room" is for stuff that aren't computer related or just general subjects about anything (spam).
If this post was in any other forum, like Hardware or Software, then it should be reported/closed/moved.

I personaly use "The Realy Long Thread " for stuff like this :)


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anyone have a pic of that i didnt get to see the opening as i just got to my new house on thursday and got the tv cable installed today... :(

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