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Goodbye chance of Windows on a Mac...for now!


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Ehm, because EFI is close to what they had in the first place? The current iBook I am on does not closely tie **** together, also the BIOS does a lot of initializations, it makes sense in the long run as well, why go with something outdated, rather than go with something that is new and will be the next thing that everyone is going to use?

I find this a good move on Apple's part, Microsoft has to pick up the ball and get their software updated for the iMac's and MacBook Pro, because it is not up to Apple to support their software, it is up to Microsoft to support Apple's hardware if users request it.
Corvette said:
This is a just plain stupid thing, why did Apple have to choose to use an EFI?
Maybe because it wants to help push the industry towards better technology?

Vista includes support for EFI (as do current 64-bit versions of Windows), and Microsoft was also encouraging IHV's to start adopting it at WinHEC last year. It offers a number of advantages over the traditional BIOS which is really starting to show its age.


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It's nice to have the option, just like most windows users "downgrade"* to linux just for fun, and to have the option.

Good to see that Vista will embrace EFI though... shouldn't be too long until Beta 2 is forced onto an iMac somewhere in the world :)

*note: not meant to start any arguments... so don't. Just don't.


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I take offence at the term "downgrade" to linux - I have ALWAYS perceived that as an "upgrade" but one that costs me a little more configuration time. But proper configuration of Linux is simply far more rewarding and correct than "tweaking" M$ software.

Sorry if I sound a fanboy for Linux - and did not mean to go OT, but yeah - I did, guilty... :dead:
Oh, cut the crap. I should have just deleted j79zlr's post when I saw it earlier. Useless flamebait leading to useless arguments. Nobody wants to hear whether you guys think moving from X to Y is an upgrade or a downgrade. Use what you want, and stop questioning other people's decisions.

Keep it on topic now.

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