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Good psu?


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Ok guys ill probably get my motherboard soon from my cuzin cuz i sent it to get a replacement. so i want to get a bigger psu the one i have now is 300w and my motherboard is an asus a7v333 so i think it needs more power so i was thinking of a 500w and i dont know if these psu will fit into my case so heres a link to my case plz tell me if they will fit. Also if you could tell me a good online store that sells this good brand overseas (internationally).
Audi Xp Case If you guys need any more info plz tell me! THANKS ALOT!
300 W should be enough even if it's a bit border-line. Have you had any problems with it (lock-ups, low voltages)?

As long as the PSU is standard ATX it should fit.


High On Life!
no its just that i want a better power supply! so whats a good brand of psu that i can order online to countries out of the us!
It will! Antec and Enermax both awsome PSU companies; you should go with withever one you think looks cooler to you. And if it is standard ATX case; it surely will fit. No worries; and as for ordering; I find that www.googlegear.com does the job pretty well; but I am not sure if they ship interenational.


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well because now the pc i have is a p3 and it doesnt have that many power sucking devices in it. but when my other parts come back from the states im ganna have and amd 2200+ with a geforce 4 4600! and the motherboard its self is a beast and i just want a good brand with high wattage!


Fair enough, I just misread the initial post. Thinking that mafia's pc was currently the amd system, nevermind me :rolleyes:

Get the trueblue one, looks nice. :)


High On Life!
Thanks. i was suppose to be amd from long ago thats why i changed my system spec on the forum but my geforce and motherboard didnt work

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