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are there any good cheap "under 20 dollars" heatsink fan for overclocking a xp2400 ? If not, forget the 20 dollars part, what would be a good sin, fan for overclocking a xp2400 no mater the price "under 50 dollars"


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Volcano 9. Do not use the under chip heat sensor, it's a bad idea. See other posts herein. Attach and set the speed control for the noise/cooling you can live with. $17.50 plus shipping.

If you don't have the CPU yet get an xp2500 barton instead. They have more headroom for overclocking (up to XP3200), a bigger die area to improve heat transfer and a bigger onboard cache.

The xp2400 is getting pretty close to the limit for the Tbred design. Also if your xp2400 is not a "B" version forget overclocking.


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Originally posted by Kevin Ar18
Do you have to mount fans on them?
yes! there are no fanless heatsinks on the market for medium to high-end cpus. they simply create too much heat.

friend and i recently bought the Swiftech MCX462+ for his 2400+... with a nice quiet 80mm fan, his temps are about 15°C lower than with the coolermaster hhc-001. the extra air from the 80mm fan sure helps, too... opposed to the 60mm one. but the mcx462+ was not cheap!

you can also undervolt your 2400. i forget what the stock voltage was on it... 1.65v? 1.75v? whatever it was, i got it to run .1v under and it was still totally stable and is a free and easy way to lower your temps. so maybe do that and get a volcano 9..? that should be plenty.


Remember to Lap a new heat sink because of the way they are manufactured. If you don't lap it then you probebly won't gain much more performance than your orginal heat sink.

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