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Here's something so interesting, you guys will definitely want to check it out ... :)

Ghostzilla is a browser for surfing the Web when you don't want anyone to physically see what you are doing. It renders Web pages to look indistinguishable from your work screen. You make it disappear instantly with one move of your hand and bring it back with another. Ghostzilla can show Web pages discreetly within literally any application you work with.

Ghostzilla is an extension of Mozilla 1.0
Check out some screenshots of it in action here:

DOWNLOAD: http://www.officeslacker.com/download/ghostzilla-1.0-plus-install.exe

It's not very convenient as a normal browser ... but this could be a blessing for those of you who access XP-erience and other *ahem* sites from work or school :p
BTW, I just found this to be interesting and thought I should tell all of you about it ... but I seriously don't recommend using it as your primary browser.

Go for Mozilla/Phoenix/Opera/IE instead. ;)
The one good thing is that I work nights! But there are still alot of people around. Alot of people who think it is their job to let others no what you are doing.

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