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Getting rid of pop up balloons


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Windows XP - how annoying? Your mouse arrow is hovering over the 'SHUT DOWN' button and a useful balloon pops up telling you that this button is for shutting the computer down!

How can I get rid of all this rubbish.

I tried using a previous tip from this site but the reg edit location did not seem to exist, and neither does GPEDIT.MSC for that matter.

Also some menu I found in the XP mess that claimed to turn off balloons did no such thing.

One day I'm sure I'll understand.


You must have the Home Edition. So do I. I have been trying to find that same tweak myself. That balloon crap is for children.

Many of the tweaks I have seen don't specifiy if it's for Home or Pro or if it does, it's not accurate.

Tpying gpedit.msc does not work in Home edition. I am trying to find a way around that to get to the same places.


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Those fiendish balloons

I've just tried this and:

1. In my version, Windows XPhome 5.1 build 2600 the EnableBalloonTips DWORD does not exist int he specified regedit location.

2. StartButtonBalloonTip is there so I changed that from a two (2) to a zero (0), and...

3. When I restarted the computer it had changed back to a two (2)!!

4. Balloon tips still appear - Doh!



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Update (final I hope):

I loaded up the AntiSpy V3.3 from the front page of this site and it has a handy feature to TUIRN OFF BALLOON TIPS - yea!

This feature also has the added charm of working.

I still get the info boxes appearing from the task bar but the really annoying ones from the start menu have now gone.


Thanks all.


I tried Alex's tip and it seemed to have worked. I have not seen a balloon tip since. And the poster stated there was no ShowBalloonTips entry there. You have to create it as in Alex's tip.

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