GeForce 2 MX 400



yep, i had that problem b4
it's not a problem with your video card, it's a problem with windows xp
Originally posted by catch23
the video out is going to be a black port, similar to a PS2 port...a video in will be yellow, and a single (female) hole
The "PS/2" is SVHS and the small yellow one is composite video. It has nothing to do with in or out. Though if it were in I believe it would have a BNC like connector for the antenna signal. So this card is probably a TV-out card.

Goatman: Have you checked under the Geforce4-tab? Under Advanced? Do you have the latest detonator drivers?


it will if the guy has the wrong cable setup :)

ive got tv-out on my 2mx, i got a small cable with the card which plugged into the S-VHS on the gfx card - at the end of the short cable, there was a composite adapter (yellow female) which i plugged a normal composite extension cable to it (was bout a fiver for a 10m gold plated plug cable from my local tv&video shop) and then because I have a scart socket and I wanted the sound from my pc on the tv too, I got a scart plug (which has the yellow, red and white AUX plugs on it) and set it to "input" - plugged in the composite cable to the yellow socket, and also got a cable which converted the normal sound card plug (is it 0.5mm or somethin?) to the aux plugs. I turned the tv onto the scart channel, and turned the pc on.

then u go into device settings or something (cant remember offhand) and u will get the choice of setting up the monitors/screens - you will be able to enable tv-out there. make sure u go right into the TV and not through a video, cuz the macrovision (i imagine its that) on the gfx card kicks off and it wont work (which is a shame cuz I wanted to make a vid a long time ago of all possible tricks on q2 cuz i was actually a good player at it (a long time ago lol))



Look at this attachment Goatman. Does your card list this? When I 1st installed drivers for my g2 (the ones that came on the CD), I didn't get a device selection just like I saw in your screenshot. Maybe I didn't set it up right at 1st, but everything was fine except the TV out (like you).

I installed a set of detonator drivers over top and then got the TV as a selection. This might be like comparing apples to oranges cause I've got a G2 Ti, but I thought I'd add it here just in case.

BTW, I run a 20' composite to my VCR and then through to the TV w/o a problem. That's straight from the composite jack on my card though. If I use the dongle (adapter) for the s-video with that same composite cable, the color does get washed out a bit, but it works through the VCR too.

VCR on, set to channel 4 (option on back), input set to "video 2"
TV on, set to channel 4.
ARGH! this making me angry, it's a TV Out, it came with one of those S-Video to Composite cables, I still can't figure out what's wrong with it. I e-mail the company, I will see what they say, I did install the new Dets too.
horay!! I got is working!! and all it took was a Flash of the Card's BIOS. not I just have to figure out all the little quirks with it, but it'll be perfect once I get it working just fine, thanx everyone for you help!

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