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geforce 2 driver

Hmm.. let me guess need it to fix an error about disappearing standby buttons. ;)
I have a geforce 2 also and i get my drivers from nvidia, just as cosmin said


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i looked @ nvida but i'm not sure which 1 it is......the 1 they have is 4 the geforce , but i'm not sure if it works 4 all,,,,:confused:
Henyman follow this link and download the driver found on the site. It is the detonator XP driver the first in the list, This is the driver I use and it works fine.


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that's the 1 i woz lokin @ downloadin but over 8mb on a suposed 56k modem is HARD it'll take fukin ages, but i'll do it 2morrow...it better work:mad:

u regained urself...4now:p
Henyman your trust me again :D
I lost my powers to help you :(, luckily I was able to recover and now I can help you at full strength again. ;)


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Im sure they are good enough till he can download the OFFICIAL ones from nvidia.

If they were that bad they wouldnt be with the card.
I installed the drivers that came with my card and it was a mess. It didn't work and could not play any games. Then I installed the drivers from nvida.com and it worked like a charm. So I agree with catch32.


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u may wan't 2 read this thread link i did absolutly jack shit, i just started up my computer this mornin + all was fine:confused: the driver it's using @ mo is what ever xp gave it cus i just uninstalled thr last driver + restarted.

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