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I may actually be insane.
We didn't "turn" you onto it, the front page news is merely stating there is a new release of a piece of software that a lot of people (and therefore possibly some of our members) use.

Although, now that you have bought this to our attention, perhaps someone else could check it out and possibly even amend the front page?

Electronic Punk

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That'll be paranoia then :)

Lets start at the top:

countries.ini - contains a list of countries and their abbreviation.
GSAPak.exe - used to update GSA from html or other programs to add support for new games.
pw32.dll - an RTpatch componant, needed for the auto updater function in GSA.

GSA does contain adverts if you are not a registered user, but I very much doubt it is spying on you!
NP. Most people that I game with use ASE. There's no adware included. You can use it unregistered but the only drawback is that if the master servers are busy it reserves bandwidth for registered users and you get some msg stating its scanning servers 'the old way'. Plus you only get to add 4 users to your buddy list.

Here's another FREE server browser with now spyware/adware:

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