G5 *drool*


Random Apple Dude
Power Mac G5 Dual 2GHz

Apple Keyboard & Mouse



ATI Radeon 9800 XT 256MB, ADC/DVI

Mac OS X

160GB Serial ATA

Country kit

Ready to ship: 3 days

+ 2 Gig Extra Ram from Crucial + an extra external hard drive....


You know, I thought I'd just drop BUY and tell you my birthday pressy now on order since about 10 minutes ago :laugh: :lick:


Act your wage.
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Congratulations Scooter! I know you'll love it!

3GB of RAM! :eek:

So will you get a free upgrade to Tiger, or do you not know yet?


Random Apple Dude
arr! I win! I win! :laugh:

Ahem. It is a bit of whore-ism - but I'll also be doing loads of video & graphics editting & gaming, so hopefully it should go "swish-ing-ly"

The package from Apple set me back £1,573.01 + £200-ish VAT ( :rolleyes: ) and I can't remember what the memory from Crucial set me back.



Random Apple Dude
According to eBay thats 2,979.61 USD + XXX.XXX USD VAT or whatever it is you pay... or ... not if you don't pay VAT.

But i have been waiting since they brought out the G5 power mac, and since I accumulated substanital funding from family and relatives, I figured might as well just buy it.... though am in a nice bit of over draft now with teh banky dude and dudettes :p


Random Apple Dude
muzikool said:
Congratulations Scooter! I know you'll love it!

3GB of RAM! :eek:

So will you get a free upgrade to Tiger, or do you not know yet?
Oh, sorry I didn't answer your question before.....

I don't know if I will. I doubt it to be honest, but I'm not planning on buying/upgrading to 10.4 as soon as it comes out. I'm going to wait a while to allow any bugs to be sorted out with Software Updates first :lick:


High On Life!
ok it suppose to be the fastest home computer to date, but when i use them i dont feel that they are much faster than my pc? what can i really benchmark the g5's we have at school with? like i still dont get how they were able to pull off finding nemo with a g5

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