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funny online rpg


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anyone heard of/tried kingdom of loathing?

it's a cool online rpg that mocks rpgs and it's full of jokes and funny lines about pop culture... i've been playing it for a while and it's pretty cool
I have a character that's done 30 ascensions. I love the game! Haven't logged in for a while--not because the game isn't awesome, but because I work a jillion hours a week and I only play when there's a lot of new content. Message me if you need a little meat (the currency of the Kingdom, for those of you who haven't played) or help.

Here's a funny, brief description of the game. If you love Dave Barry, SomethingAwful, The Onion, or other offbeat humor, you'll love this game. It's far more complex than the simple drawings would fool you into believing. Play through just once and you'll love it right away.

This is a typical item description:

Meatloaf Helmet

This is a helmet made out of meatloaf. You feel like a Bat out of Hell when you wear it. You would do anything for this helmet (but you won't do that.)
If you're looking for a good starting class, the muscle ones are a fine choice, then message Noblesse Oblige for some free buffs!
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