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Fuji FinePix Z1?


The One and Only
Anyone have this camera or have a friend that has this camera? want to know how good of a camera it is. how well it takes night pictures, ease of use, u know..... the usual stuff. my current digital camera sucks at taking pictures in low light conditions. If you have the camera, and could post some pictures that you have taken with it during the day or at night/in low light, i'd really appreciate it. Or, if the file size is too big......... PM me and i'll PM you back with my e-mail address or AIM screen name.... whichever you prefer, and you could send them that way. Just really want to know if i'd be getting a good camera if i were to buy it.


The One and Only
thx for the links, drz. i still might go with the Z1 though. yeah, the other one may have slightly better picture quality and an INSANE zoom range....... but i'm looking for a nice, easily portable digital camera that can take nice pictures even in near darkness. If you enjoy taking the occasional scenery picture, such as a nice sunset, you know that half the time when you see nice sunset pictures..... the first thing that goes through your mind is usually "S*it, i wish i had a camera with me". that happens to me soo friggin often. been taking scenery pics with my cell phone. not the greatest picture quality there. :-/ I was even looking at the FinePix F10, but that's still slightly too big, and the protruding lens doesn't thrill me too much, especially since it doesn't even have that great of zoom even WITH the protruding lens.


The One and Only
Ok...... the one thing i'm wondering is..... what do they mean with these cameras by "purple fringe"? And i'm kinda thinking about getting that camera, music man, but i like the style of the FinePix Z1. u know of any other good performing compact camera's?
purple fringe is when purple stuff gets around edges of objects in a picture *usually trees*. its not a big concern but i would defintely make sure the camera u chose doesn't have a lot of it.

umm some compact cameras i recommend are the sony p100 or p200, canon sd 300 400 or 500, or fuji f10.

i personally like sony above the others because their battery life is better and their camera's usually have more features.


The One and Only
well.... i went to Best Buy to look at the SD400, but the one there was busted..... went to Circuit City, and the one they had worked. the one thing i'm wondering before i actually order it from ZipZoomFly..... though i'm pretty sure i already know the answer..... will the picture look a lot better when transferred to my PC than it does on the LCD that's on the camera? i'm guessing yes since it's a HUGE picture being shrunk down to fit on a 2" LCD.


The One and Only
well..... ordered the SD400 and a 512MB Secure Digital card. let's get a comparison between the two in macro mode. first, here's my current camera, a Sony Mavica FD100 1.2 Megapixel camera (yes, i know....... pretty damn crappy camera, but can take pretty nice pictures during the daytime, though at a low resolution). rather nice shots if i do say so myself. came out quite nice. taken in the little garden my mom has outside the house. gonna have to wait a few days for the macro shots from the SD400. possibly saturday at the latest.

edit: the pics have been resized to a smaller size to save on size.


I like my HP R707. Great little camera. Sure, not as small as some of these you are looking at but it's got a lot of features, great battery life, and I got it for $15 after a mail in rebate. Butterflyphoto.com probably would have been a cheaper way to go than zipzoomfly for a camera. But I can't guarantee that.
music man, the pics i posted are from my current digital camera. i don't have the SD400 yet. Just ordered it right before i posted last time.

ShepsCrook: dunno if it woulda been cheaper either, but ZZF had free 2nd day shipping via FedEx on both the camera and the Secure Digital card that i got with it.
I looked it up and it would have been a tad cheaper at Butterflyphoto.com with 2-3 day shipping. The 7 day shipping would have made it $307. But hey, That's cool for you.

I'm looking at cameras like the Nikon 8800
well...... 10:40 a.m. today, heard a knock at the door. there's the FedEx dude standin there with a package under his arm. i was all like "YAY". Think that fedex guy and I are startin to become buddies. lol. he seems to be getting to know me quite well. the last computer part i ordered that came fedex (think was my video card), he comes to the door and he's like "hmm.... more computer parts, eh?". anyway.... back on topic..... battery has now been charging for about an hour..... gonna test out the camera, maybe get a few macro and normal images..... possibly wallpaperable, and post them as soon as i can. might even try to get a video too......
hmm..... those color accent and color swap pics can be a pain in the ass. it's not heavily sensitive on what color it is actually looking at, especially from a far distance. either that or it just doesn't like going through glass when it's looking at the color. I'll try to get somethin up soon...... just not that much time right this second.

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