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ftp server

Dark Atheist

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out of all the programs that there are which do most here use?

i have tried proftpd, vsftpd, glftpd - are there others i should try before i settle on which to use ? is pureftpd worth a look

its only going to be used for normal stuff, sending stuff to storage pc, and a few friends using it, but i don't wont to have to make system accounts for them, so atm vsftpd is not my first choice although its fast and some say the most secure there is :)

This will be on linux btw
I use vsftpd on all servers I setup manually.

pure-ftpd is used on all of the cpanel servers at work.

BTW your best option is to use vsftpd, make system accounts and change the shell to /bin/false

That will disable SSH but still allow FTP access.

You will also want to create a "shared" ftp account if you don't want to have to duplicate files to each persons home folder.

Dark Atheist

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going to use vsftpd for internal gbit transfer and pure-ftpd for external accounts, and see how i get on :) (cant give you reps lord, seems i need to spread it about :p)


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Eh, you can use pure-ftpd for internal as well. I have personally found that it eats a lot more CPU than vsftpd does under the same load.

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