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i want to setup an ftp server that my friend can access to upload .wav files to my pc so we can record together from a distance. i downloaded filezilla server but when i try to have him get in he can't. i know the ftp address can't be the default one i am behind a d-link router (DI-704). could that be the trouble, that and the incorrect IP.

help please?



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#3 is a loopback address:
In computing the term localhost refers to the location of the currently used system. It is a loopback device which is assigned the IP address in IPv4, or ::1 in IPv6, which can be used by TCP/IP applications to talk to themselves if this is needed.
Try the link suggested above to get your external address.


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well, i tried putting in the IP correctly but it is not working. i have now clue what to do with this. my knowledge on this is zero.

i just want to be able to transfer files to each others pc's without using an instant messenger or email. IM because i may not be home when the transer happens and email because the files are on average about 40megs.

any other ideas?


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If you have discovered your external IP address, you need to forward the port (21 by default) to listen on the address your machine is using.

For example:

Say your public, external IP is
And the IP of the machine internally running your FTP server is

You need to login to your router, forward port 21 to What also may be a good idea is to set the IP statically to that machine, thus avoiding connectivity issues in the future.

Then have your friend connect to your FTP using

Should be all set :)