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FS: Sapphire 1Gb 4850 custom BIOS.


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Selling as I need MOAR!!!!

What it is? Sapphire 4850 1GB. with stock cooler, stock cooler never used I have it under water currently. I have never seen it over 35C even at the max stable OC 720 core, and 1138 mem. PCI-eX16 V2 compliant, requires one 6 pin power to the card.

I have put copper sinks on the MOSFETS and VREGS to keep them cool. And unless you want the card bareback and them left intact I wil pull those to put the stock cooler back on.

What else have I done? A custom BIOS to increase the overclocking headroom beyond the 700Mhz core Sapphire allowed, it is currently capped at 800, and I have with a pencil mod pushed to core to 760 easily. So a resistor mod or pencil mod and coat are very viable to make this perform stronger.

Price $110.00 USD Shipping to almost anywhere by either UPS, or USPS. Buyer pays shipping.

I run GTA4 at 1680X1050 at high and very high settings, 36 draw distance and get no lag. The extra memory on the board makes the difference between playing games like this, and not.

PM if interested.

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