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From Happyone



Yep, should have read the do's/do not's before posting. Consider me thoroughly chastised!

Looking at the rest of the site though, it looks as though there are plenty of tips help on OTHER matters that I made need to ask about.

I've actually had a lot of probs. with 98SE - 'illegal operations' messages, 'fatal error' messages etc. which is why I was considering XP. If I'm going to experience the same kind of probs then I may just move over to Apple, although that's just more and more expense and I 'aint rich!!

Thanks all,



Welcome happyone - if you switch over to XP I am sure you will get all the advise and help you need right here - there are many knowledgeable people here (not referring to myself).

I went from Windows 98 on my old Compaq ( with a BSOD, illegal op or something else every two hours or so) to XP Home on a retail HP. Today just happens to be 9 months with none of the above!

<dy thinks- better knock on wood or something bad might happen>;)
I have put xp on many HP's and Compaq'a that were crashing alot on every use. Cured them all. I highly recommend xp to everyone if they have the right resourses on their computers.


Prodigal Son
It's not just that XP is stable. It's that you have a support structure here. Add the knowledge of the member base on this site together and we could have built XP itself. ;)

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown

Now I've done it. Who would have guessed using that hammer would have done that.

/me gives hammer back to xsivforce.
/me runs away

Wasn't me EP.

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