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Fried Cpu!?!?!


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I think I fried my CPU. Basically i turned on my computer one day and heard several beeps one after the other, nothing showed up on screen and the computer seemes to be working. After I opened it up I saw all fans except the case fan was working, the case fan was moving super slow if anything at all. I changed one of the cables it connected to (don't know the name of the cable sorry) and it moved a bit faster but still pretty slow. I was told that it could be my CPU so I took out the heatsink and what to my suprise? no CPU was in the motherboard!! it was actually stuck onto the bottom of the CPU and took some force to get it off. There was all this grey-paste like stuff that kept was all over and I figured I overheated it. Didn't get a chance to get a new CPU cause Im not sure if this is the only problem.


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The cpu shouldn't have burned out from heat, but a surge could have done it. The Athlon 64's have thermal protection. Do you have any spare parts laying around? ram, video card, ect? Also did you damage the cpu when you where pulling it off the heatsink fan? are all the pins still intact? you didn't have to pry on it did you?


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That 'grey paste stuff' is actually thermal paste, it helps keep the CPU cool, and should not be removed. You will need to add some more before re-sitting the CPU and heat sink.


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oh i didn't know it was thermal paste, i just realized that it was all over and couldn't even read the writing that's on the CPU...

I didn't have to pry anything and the CPU still looked intact when takign it out. only problem was that when taking out the heatsink the CPU was stuck to it, this could've damaged teh CPU i don't know. after i put the CPU back into the motherboard and the heatsink along after it, i tried booting it up again and didn't work and there wasn't even any beeps this time. i checked and tried again and then i got the same beeps again like how i first started.

also, i don't think there was a surge or anything. had no electricity problems as of late and i just got a new surge protector not long ago...

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Here is a good way to know what the beeps are , remove the video card if it is add on and boot ... listen to the beeps now remove the ram sticks all of them boot listen to the beeps are they the same if so its bad ram , if they changed it is a bad video card , see in POST ram is always before video and each has a different beep, so again try booting with no ram and listen and then try with no video card. Sounds to me to be a faulty videocard.
1) The Athlon 64's like to pull out of the socket when you try to pull off the heatsink. You need to give the heatsink a slight twist before removal.
It sounds like there was way too much thermal paste. Not a problem but messy. Clean it off and put fresh down. Arctic silver is best (any grade). Do not use the brown or white junk. It is junk.

2) If the pins on the processor did not get bent it is fine. If the pins did get bent they can VERY CAREFULLY be straightened. Remember to release the lever on the socket before trying to reinsert the processor.

3) If the CPU is dead the MB does not beep at power on. The beeps is the processor telling you something else is bad. The exact number and sequence tells you what is bad. The beeps vary with the kind of bios you have (Award, AMI, Phoenix, etc) so do a web search for beep codes for your processor type.

Here, your search results:

Once you get the CPU reinstalled unplug that slow fan just in case it is has a problem (it may not. Some MBs have case fan speed controls to reduce noise). Now boot and get the exact beep codes, number sequence, speed (fast or slow). You can look up what is wrong on the website above or post back here for additional help.

Assuming it was 1 long and 3 short that is a memory failure like Michael said. If you have the computer overclocked do a CMOS reset (instructions in the MB manual that you can download from Asrock if you lost it). COmputer must be unplugged from the wall and off for 5 minutes before doing the CMOS reset!!!! If it boots after a cmos reset quit overclocking.

RAM Checks
1) With power off, make sure your ram is seated in the sockets correctly.
2) Take out the ram stick in socket 2 and reboot. If it comes up the stick thats out is bad.
3) If it did not come up replace the stick in the first socket with the stick you removed. If it comes up the ram stick that is out is bad.
4) It is unlikely both sticks are bad but if neither works alone see if you can borrow a stick to try.
If you have 4 sticks the process gets more complicated but follows the same ]pattern try one stick at a time until you find a bad one.
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my goodness!!!! the my moms PC has no thermal paste!! remember the celeron one?

is there any substitute? the city proper is very far from my house....


Mr. Bananagrabber
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My computer randomly beeps...
It beeps twice at random, dduring the beeps, my mouse and keyboard seem to freeze up, my computer remains on and working fine after these beeps, any ideas?

7900gt ko superclocked
AMD X2 4600
500gb SAT hdd, 2(250)
dl dvd rw
550W psu

Right now in this hot weather, room is probably 80-83 degrees farenheit, my mobo is at 107 degrees f, my cpu is at 96 degrees f.


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Nah, im joking.
I think sazar's gotcha there, i haven't heard of anything that subsitutes for thermal paste...
Also, if i were you i wouldnt be looking for a substitute, you are putting it on some sensitive stuff.
zandyrei said:
my goodness!!!! the my moms PC has no thermal paste!! remember the celeron one?

is there any substitute? the city proper is very far from my house....
No, you need thermal paste. But if the CPU temp is ok (<50 deg C at idle) in bios or sandra it is not urgent.

Invest $5-10 in a tube of artic silver. One tube lasts for years.

If you have nothing at all then the brown or white junk is acceptable until you can get the real stuff and replace it (clean old crud off with rubbing alcohol and a lint free cloth keeping it aay from the pins). You should get a little tube any time you buy a heatsink.


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LeeJend said:
And a seven day wait for delivery..
Yah, but i'd be able to wait, i also have a laptop so whatever.
But if his cpu temps are fine now he can order now and then use his computer sparingly till it arrives.
It could be worth the gas cost if he is really far from the city...

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