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I was just moved and really have no space for storage. So, I rented a storage room. The only prob is that it is outside and not heated. I was wondering if I'd do any damage to the misc pc parts I have sitting in a couple of boxes that I wanted to put in there. some of the parts are: cd-rom, ide cables, pci cards old motherboards etc.

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Make sure nothing can get wet including the bottom of the box. It might flood when it rains. I'd be wrapping it up in some sort of material then in sealed plastic. Keep it all dry.

Nick M

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Also; humidity accumulates places. Make sure whatever you are sealing it in is actually air tight, and won't let in water; humidity, etc.

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And make sure nothing heavy falls and bashes the PC parts to pieces.

On a more serious note: as long as the temp is not higher than in a PC, and no water get to the parts (Including humidity), They are safe ;)


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One other thing you should do is, any of those silica packages that come in shoe boxes and in other packages, put them into your containers. They will absorb any moistiure that tries to accumulate in the containers cause of the cold.

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