Well been contributing in another forum to a thread.

We have found a pile of freebies, for the U.K. initially, 'spose' outside of U.K. can contribute also.

Freebies, like food samples, condoms, hair, skin, free dosh (Money) and many more.

Let me start off:

Let's Go >>

After you've tried that list, I am skint at the moment so have been filling in heaps :D

Some More:

Hope you find what you want. Some links may have expired or died, or just don't exist anymore as they have had piles of hits, I would add though if you check here U.K. only so far some banks are giving you from a tenner upto £50 to open an account with them. You might also want a CC (credit card) balance transfer, or a better mortgage deal, it's always worth book marking this page.

I do listen to the author of this site on the Radio every week and hell he knows his stuff.

GL peoples :wub:

<edit> here is the £50 bank freebie <<£50>> </edit>


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Good thing the site looks legit, otherwise I would have been worried that some strange advertising company had got to you / brainwashed you Lee :eek: :)


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Evil Marge said:
Err I think he got his tea delivered to his home,not his inbox.It's called Yorkshire tea,not virtual tea :rolleyes: :laugh:
Dob...well, at least the junk mail will make EP feel extra popular (not that he doesn't already have a fan base :D).


Tomorrow Tweaking Today
Here's the one I recently created:

This freebie site provides only the best free stuff including food and recipes, books and magazines, paid surveys, clothing, contests, product samples, promotional coupons, freeware and lots more. Freebies have been organized into countries.

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