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Free Partition Tool For Vista

Shamus MacNoob

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Yes boot from a floppy and use some free tool for partitions there are plenty and they do not need to be for Vista , it is the same file system as XP , so you can use the same tools you used in XP
Are you looking for a tool to create new partitions or do you want to be able to modify existingones without data loss. Two different products.

If you just want to partition use Seatools, WD Utilities or whatever came with your HD. I assume Vista still has Disk Manager built in too.

If you want a free partition re-arranger, good luck. I haven't seen one I like (free or paid) since PM got butchered in the Norton buy out. I just keep a big old HD and write images to there then repartition as desired and write the image back.

American Zombie

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You can also shrink volumes in Vista disk management then partition the unallocated space. If you boot from the Vista DVD you can create partitions on the disk screen.


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