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Free Open BSD

after experimenting with windows and linux, i figured i'd give bsd a whirl.

after installation, i get no gui. am i installing it incorrectly or do i need to do something similiar to linux like enter "startx" into the command line?

my name is koko and i am a bsd n00b.:eek:
This might be a stupid question, but did you try "startx" at the prompt? That should start X if you installed it during setup.

Also, did you run xf86config or XF86Setup?
rule #1: there are no stupid questions.

actually, it never crossed my mind to even try typing startx. i just assumed since open bsd is more akin to unix, it might have a different way of starting up.

and no, i don't remember running xf86config or XF86Setup.

i'll give the startx a try. thnx. ;)


I may actually be insane.
I'm not sure about OpenBSD but with FreeBSD you can setup X (along with various other things) by running the /stand/sysinstall script then choosing configure..
actually you just put
"exec startkde" into your ~/.xinitrc file
then you can type "startx" at the console to start xfree and the kde window manager


I may actually be insane.
That question is no-where near stupid. Some people may not have ever used a Windows machine, some people may never have used an Apple Macintosh, therefore they require to ask the question.


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SPeedY_B said:
That question is no-where near stupid. Some people may not have ever used a Windows machine, some people may never have used an Apple Macintosh, therefore they require to ask the question.
I only say it's stupid because of the inevitable flame wars that erupt over what, in the end, becomes a near religious debate. To ask if one is better than the other is a stupid question. A better question to ask in that way would be what makes one better.. or what does one do that the other does not.

But even those questions become flame wars in the end. (And yes, I realize I stand at the precipice of a flame war for continuing this...)

It's also like the question just asked in this tread: http://forum.osnn.net/showthread.php?t=37999.. "Is Linux Truly More Secure than Windows?".
You'll have MS religious evangelists that will disagree.. and you'll have Linux evangelists that will agree.. and you'll have decent discussions and issues raised for a while until the thread degrades into a "my logic is better than yours" flame war sprinkled in with the occasional insightful comment and mixed in with input from the BSD supporters and the rants of the MacOS users until the thread finally dives into the depths of all things with the quips from BeOS, Amiga, OS/2 people proclaiming that the world should never have let those OS's die.
I agree to a certain extent. Simply asking the question "Is a PC better than a Mac?" or vice versa is stupid, and is not going to get you any real answers.
If you've never used another operating system before and you're wondering if it might prove to be a better alternative for you, it's best to post what you use your computer most for, and what you're looking for in a "good OS." Since no OS is perfect (contrary to what some people preach), and each one has it's strong and weak points, once people know what you're looking for, it's much easier for them to give you good advise, and honest opinions in general (unless, of course, they happen to fall into the fanboy category on either side).


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Old post revived :p.

If he is using OpenBSD there is no /stand/sysinstall last i checked, and i dont suggest it as a desktop in the first place.

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