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Framed forwarding


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I have a Website that is 'framed' forwarded to a domain address. It works fine, but for a couple of seconds on opening, a small dialogue box by the mouse pointer shows the original address. Is there any way to prevent this?


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No, since you are doing framed forwarding the users browser has to download the site from a different server than the original, which means it has to know where to go to find it. What this means is that even if you tried to cloak it, there would be no point.

The question here is what problem are you trying to solve with frame forwarding?


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Thanks Guys, I use frame forwarding so that the Domain Name is what shows in the Browser instead of something long winded that shows the original folder. I think my problem is caused by the folder I am pointing to being a sub folder of the original Domain. It is not terribly important but does not look too professional when the original folder is displayed, even though it is only for a few seconds.


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Mainframeguy said:
yes - but he can achieve what he wants moving away from frames, no?

Depends on how things are setup, some domain registrars won't allow one to move a domain away from them unless it is frame forwarding because otherwise you might need to use their hosting.

It all depends, best bet is to get hosting for the domain from a reputable company, and not have a long winded name in the firts place.

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