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Frame limiter for games?


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Is there a program out there that will limit the fps within my games? A good example where this would be usefull for me would be colin mcrea 4. I run all my games with vsink on. I find that when I run the game at my monitors highest refresh rate (100 hz) I get lots of slow down. The lower I set the refresh rate the better the game runs untill I get down to 60hz when the game runs completely smooth. A frame limiter would sort it so I can run the game at 60fps without having to resort to bleeding eyes having to run it at 60hz.
champ2005 said:
i really hope you dont play those games nemore :) :p
why? what wrong with the h based games. I still play Day of Defeat and love it. Its really is sad that a game that is so old and its mods are the most played games in the world.
i play dod aswell, its a pretty good game, its just that there are so many newer and better games out there that arent being played (relative to hl-games) because everyone is still hooked on cs/dod.

i think we should stop hijacking this thread now :)


I didn't do it!!!!!!!!!
In Quake engine based games max frames can be set with this: com_maxfps 100(or whatever you want it to be at)


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Does anyone know how to do this with colin mcrea 4? I want to limit the frames to 75 but have my refresh rate at 100hrz. If it above 75 I notice quite a bit of slow down when taking certain corners. It's fine on 75hz but sore on the eyes. It runs even better at 60hz however so limiting it to 60fps would be better.


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You can try going .. run -> dxdiag then to the "more help" tab and to override and pick a refresh rate you want :)


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pluto said:
He wants to override Frame Rate, not Refresh Rate.
That's right. I know it can be done with some games out there. Halo is a good example. You have the option to limit the frame rate to 30fps or you can sink it to your refresh rate. Because I run my all my games with vsink on it would be handy if there was a progam out there that would do it for me or if ATI introduced something in their drivers. Another game you notice the refresh rate becoming a problem with is painkiller. It stutters alot more when I run it at 100hz but at 75 its stutter free. My eye's bleed a bit with that though. The only other option I would have is to go for a flat pannel monitor which is flicker free at 60hz but I'm not spending that kind of cash just for that kind of thing.

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