Folders leave trails on the screen




Sometimes when I move folders or files from place to place on my computer they leave those gray dotted lines on the screen.

I added the picture of it.

Heres my specs that I think are related to this:

Athlon T-Bird 1GHz
384 DDR PC 2100
GeForce 2 MX 400 32 MB



lol, this is my old nick and im too lazy to make a new account.

anyway, Im using the 41.09 drivers and my resolution is
1280x1024. My refresh rate is set to 70 Hz in the nVidia control panel but when I click on the button on my monitor it shows 60 Hz.

So now I have 2 questions:
1. Which refresh rate is the one that Im using?
2. Should I upgrade my drivers?? To which version?



Boogie Nights...!
1. there really is no need to be using such new drivers on a card that age. Not being horrible there! Might want to revert back to perhaps the 23.11's. Just an idea.

2. Set your monitor refresh rate through Display Properties>Advanced>Monitor.

3. That resolution is VERY high, i would suggest lowering it to 1024x768 or 1152x864. Might be to much for your card/monitor to handle (which could be causing the dotted lines being left behind)
get tweak-xp and have the system do an automatic system refresh. what it is, is just a refresh of the desktop so that you loose those lines. (same as right click, and refresh).


ok, thanks but there is no way im lowering my res. ill try the drivers through. and should I change my refresh rate to 85 or something higher??



Boogie Nights...!
85 should be fine. Any higher is unnoticeable and will just cause your monitor to reach its sell by date quicker!

Let us know how you get on.

PS If those weird dotted lines appear on your desktop, a quick press of F5 should get rid of them temporarily.

Good luck

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