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fliptop phone...


Dabba Dooba
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hey my friends moms bf asked me to look for a fliptop cellphone without a plan or anything cause his work is gonna set that up for him. I was wondering where i could find a motorola or nextel fliptop phone without a service? i tried already but i cant seem to find one without a service or anything.

It shouldnt cost to much but should still be good and all that. He also wants a holdster or whatever and a charger for it. thanks


I may actually be insane.
Usually you'd have to buy direct from the manufacturer, or somewhere like eBay for an unlocked phone, that's in the UK though, don't know if it'd be different for you.


Dabba Dooba
Political User
well he said he tried to go buy one at the dealer but they wanted over 300 bucks if it didnt have a service :(. I thought about ebay but then i gotta set up account for him and all that crap.


Hey TittleBitties,
Your best bet would probably be ebay if you are in the states. All phone carriers will charge you a arm and a leg for just a phone because they wont be "Stealing" your money through their phone plans.

If you plan on using Nextel as your carrier, you will have to find the specific phones for that company because they do not use sim cards, you will then need call them to activate the phone. This goes for Verizon wireless as well (use to work for them).

If you are planning on using TMobile, Cingular or AT&T then you can just by any unlocked phone. I hope this helps you a little.

- Mike


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haha go to dubai, phones are cheap there, thats where i get my phone everytime i change it, so do half of the world, lol

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