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flat tire??


Has anyone here never had a flat tire as well??
Well today I was on my way to work and ran over a nail. Now I have a slow leak and I have never changed a tire before in my life. I guess its a good time to learn, and its probably NOT that hard (since i have rotated my tires, just never got the spare from the bottom.) Really sucks that there were nails in the road.. DAMN these construction people..


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ive changed many tires lol, once my friend and i were on the highway going to a friends house to watch the euro cup 2004 (i think that was the year) and there were some lil patches that were that were just on the right lane, and i told him to get out of the lane he didnt and the tired popped, and smoke came out, then we stopped in the right lane of a bridge lol, it was scary to change a tire and watch for cars at the same time, thats just one of the stories though.

Edit: another time while on the way to school with fishboy, his tire was deflated so i had to change, that one, and the other time my friend had a land cruiser and we didnt know how to properly put the jack in so when the flat tire came off, it wasnt high enough for the new tire to go on, so we had to get another jack from my friend and then i got it, yeah ****e happens! lol


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A few tires changed in my life considering I've driven roughly about 250,000 miles (402 336 kilometers) but you are a very lucky person to have never had a flat before. You already know what it takes to change the tire I just hope for your sake that the spare has enough air in it and those factory jacks that come with the car are not always very easy to work with. Be prepared to get a little dirty and to find those lugs are very tight sometimes. Good luck.


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I don't drive, but noticed that my dad had a nail in one of his tires. He tried to pull it out when I told him but luckily I stopped him from doing so otherwise it might have gone flat. He drove to the neareset garage to get it replaced.


Yea I just rotated the tires about 2months ago :) The wierd part is that i was about to get new tires in the next month So i guess its a sign for me to hurry up and get off my ass. I called my pop's and he said he would be in the area i work at and would change it if I didn't want to mess up my work clothes (office stuff), but what we said is we might just use portable air compressor since its a slow leak, drive it to my uncles house and he has all the mechanic tools so he could just plug it till i get new tires.. what really sucks is, this same tire had been plugged before but the nail didn't cause any kind of leak just plowed into it and no real damage


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My worst time changing tires was this past winter when it was snowing like mad outside and the tire went flat on me.

After changing the tire, I went to made it where I was going - was there for a couple hours, came out and found the spare had gone flat as well.

I was seriously Pissed off at that point because now I had no way home and it was about 1am. Managed to drive it 1 block on the bad spare to a gas station, asking the station manager if I could leave the car overnight, calling a cab until the next day.


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I ruined a nice Perilli cause I drove a half mile with it flat. Took two weeks to get antother in. Lesson, change it sooner rather than thinking you can make it. I have had one one blowout, with a goodyear, then they said that it was my fault as I used tire cleaner on it, and wouldn't warranty it.

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I have had to get some new tires, since I got my car, and had to replace the tires on it, as the tires that came with the car were crap. 3 of them had less then 1/32" of tread, and the 4th (which didn't match the other 3, when I got it from the dealer), had run bald, but only on the inside rim (the outside still looked like it had some). The people at the tire place looked puzzled, and were like "I think the people who sold that to you figured, no one would ever notice"... The sales guy for the tires was shaking his head, looking at them.

Since then, I have had to replace several due to flats. It has come down to 3 things:

- The apartment complex had roofers come in here and re-do the roofs in this apt complex. Now I wasn't parked near the buildings. How a roofing nail found it's way so far away I have no idea.

- Road construction zones have been springing up all over the city of late. New road construction zones have been springing up faster, then the city has got done with other locations.

- When I've gone to Wal-Mart to pick something up after mid-night (they're one of the few stores in the city now that remains open 24/7); I swear they don't sweep that lot out. The trash that totally litters that place, along with a shopping lieing in more then half the parking spaces (or even in the drive through part of the lot also) is attroscious. As careful as I have been trying to avoid running over anything in that pigsty, I have gotten about 2 or 3 flats by the morning after I left their lot in the past.


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ming said:
I don't drive, but noticed that my dad had a nail in one of his tires. He tried to pull it out when I told him but luckily I stopped him from doing so otherwise it might have gone flat. He drove to the neareset garage to get it replaced.

They should have just been able to plug it nicely.

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