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flash copying



hi there does anybody knows how to copy flash movies from the webpages

i will be gratefull for your answer

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
Looks like you have to use software to do this. Do a google search for 'save flash from web'. Haven't come across any freeware ones yet.


if you use a download manager (like GetRight or Go!Zilla), you can copy and paste the URL into the manager's web grabbing section (can't describe it better unless you use it, i use GetRight), and then you can download just the *.swf file
Thanks for the tips people; I actually was wondering about this one too. heh Jawshoouh; your siggy went from the beauty to the beast :p
Clear your Temporary Internet Files/cache.
Go to the page and load the flash animation.
Fire up Explorer and search your Temporary Internet Files folder for *.swf
When you find it, open it with IE and enjoy ;)


open notepad make a link <a href="http:whatever">adsf</a> save as html open up and right click on and click save as... and if you are trying to look inside the file there is a program that will let you take parts out of it even if it is password protected


Ended up with the same result as you, Hipster. I would definitely go with Netryder's solution. Pick it up in your temporary internet files. Why take all these steps to save something that is already saved?


Nissan Powered
view the source code of the page and find what the name of the flash is (IE. Mario.Swf) then run a search on your computer for that file and u can find it.


Since I often pick things out of temporary internet files I have a special program for it (CacheX IE), but before I had it I just opened the folder (C:\Documents and Settings\{username}\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files) in detail view and clicked on the header of the type column to sort it by type. You can then scroll down to all the .swf files and copy those you want or simply use drag and drop.
If you are using another browser the location of the Opera cache usually is C:\Program Files\Opera\Cache4\. The files are renamed and look like opr02D1P.swf. For Mozilla the location is C:\Documents andSettings\{username}\ApplicationData\Mozilla\Profiles\default\aeshknyw.slt\ Cache .Here you will find only a bunch of files with no suffix at all and it takes some effort to find the right one and rename it.
;) NetRyder, does this count as a reason to stick with IE? ;)


no its not cause the cache in IE ain't all that friendly too look at either ;)

who goes browsing through their cache normally anywayz pfftttt

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