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Firewire Limitation in XPSP2, any workaround?


hi, i dunno why on earth microsoft limited the firewire bandwidth too 100mb/s in sp2.. is there any way around this (apart from going back too SP1) ?
or any news of a fix from microsoft on the horizon?


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
They did?!!! Bugger me - I'll get well fed up with my Maxtor one touch and Sony DVD cam on the go slow... Post up someone - and I'll be complaining to M$ soon, this is the second SP2 issue to seriously affect me if this is right!

American Zombie

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If you have not done so already, look on the downloads page of link you posted as there is a firmware and driver upgrade that is supposed to fix this issue.
Yeah, this was a known issue with SP2. It affects only FW800 though, so if you use FW400 (still the most common), you won't have a problem.
Most FW800 device manufacturers are releasing firmware updates, as American Zombie pointed out. Lacie released firmware updated for their FW800 hard drives too.


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
OK now I know I am showing my ignorance here, but how do I detect which firewire I have? Or is it the case that if I do not know I must be on the 400? I know it is a PCI card and have looked all over device manager and the network properties with no indication, even fired up my Maxtor to check it's properties with no success so far - slightly confused if this is an issue for me now. :confused:

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