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Firefox image rendering bug ?


I may actually be insane.
Since I've been using Fx on XP ( and now I've experienced a small glitch with rendering images, and today I finally figured out what the problem is.

It seems that if an image is displayed on a page, at a different size to the actual image file, it simply does not display, instead filling the space with the colour of the first pixel in the image file (See attached file for an example).

Does anyone else have this problem? Or is my copy of Fx being a daft arse?

I've uploaded the example here: http://speedyb.osnn.net/Fxbug.html


works fine in my on Windows Vista and my Parallels Desktop version of Windows XP

i would try wiping out or renaming your Firefox profiles directory and trying


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I tend to have a similar situation on the computer at work. But it's more with the attachments (that are images) on the forums (this could be the same thing as yours). Since the attachment images are smaller than the actual image they do as you have shown SPeedY. Now every once in a while I will get one or two to show up again, but very seldom. This has been going on since the last update of the browser. It was when I updated to 1.5.04, and now with 1.5.05 it be the same. :(

Odd how at home it's just fine. Could be a profile thing, not sure. At home no other profile 'cept me. At work it get use by more than one person but there are no different profiles just as is, soooo??? Don't know what to tell ya. I really have not tried to pinpoint the problem yet. :s

If I find anything I'll post. Mmmmm Kayyyyy.

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