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I am liking this:

Firefox browser is on the up and up; with version 3.5 recently released, it's making very good progress, and now, the organization has revealed some concepts for a redesign they plan to be included in version 3.7.

Firstly, we should note that these new designs are purely ideas, and they'll only be re-making the Windows versions, so put your excited faces away, Mac and Linux users. According to the official wiki that we linked above, here are Mozilla's planned new improvements:

1. Embracing Glass: Toolbar and Tabs using Glass. Buttons translucent and slightly glossy to meld with the toolbar. Raised 3D lookachieve tactile "feel".

2. Page Button: Connect the Page button to the left side of the tab area. Directly connected to the Page.

3. Tools/Bookmark Bar: Connecting the Tools button to the side of the window to emphasize the fact that it is used for customizing and changing the UI. Adding a button next to that to toggle the Bookmarks bar which is turned off by default.

Source: Neowin ->


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wow.. very nice! something long overdue. sucks we'll have to wait till next year for this.


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I will have to remove and change some extensions when it's released, since I already do quite a bit of customizing to Firefox. But, that is one sexy looking firefox!


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I only use maybe one or two extensions, so that won't be too bad ... Too many extensions makes it slow down ...

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Looks good, add speed increases to keep it in line with the competition and we will be there :) Still I will keep on using it as the extensions are just too handy :D


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do u even use that many? O:

i only have 3 at the moment (2 to make the ui more vista-like btw), and i use one sometimes to get videos from some site.

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