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Firefox 3.1 not compatible with Hotmail?


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I'm using Firefox 3.1 and for some reason it's not compatible with Hotmail. Ever since Hotmail has launched the new version it hasn't been working with Firefox. I try clicking an e-mail but it won't work. Maybe there's some javascript issues or something. Am I the only one that experiences this with Firefox? I tried it on my sister's laptop and same problem occurs.
Hmm...I always avoid beta applications of things I commonly use. 3.0.5 works great, plus Stuffplug & A-Patch with the default MSN Messenger client is rox.


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I think its just the 3.1 beta.
it's exactly that. The Hotmail site simply does not work correctly with Firefox 3.1 beta 2 as noted on these pages:

The problem should be resolved in the next beta release as well as the final release of Firefox 3.1 whenever that one is available later in the year. In the meantime, stick to using Firefox 3.0.5.

Thanks for the confirmation tdinc and nod32. I'll have to stick to Internet Explorer to check my Hotmail now.
or use Opera 9.6x. The Hotmail web site works okay with the Opera browser I'm currently using.

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